Review: Dig Two Graves

At first glance “Dig Two Graves” could be mistaken for just another less than stellar genre movie on Netflix, but it is so much more. This was a film upon viewing I knew nothing of, I was simply scrolling through Netflix one night searching for something to mindlessly watch. With expectations low I decided to give “Dig Two Graves” a try and man was I pleasantly surprised. Within minutes I quickly realized there was no casually watching this film, right from the start I was drawn into its dark and gloomy atmosphere and it doesn’t disappoint.


“Dig Two Graves” essentially tells two connected stories taking place 30 years apart from each other. The film opens in the 1940s with two police officers throwing two dead bodies off of a cliff into the water. The tension between the two officers is noticeable with one of the officers being obviously shaken and disturbed by whatever has just happened. Not giving too much away, the film the cuts to 30 years later following a brother and sister duo as they make their way through the woods. The brother and sister find themselves at the same cliff and decide to jump into the water together. As they are about to jump the sister played by Samantha Isler hesitates, leaving her brother to jump in alone.. never to be seen again. Some time passes and walking back from school one day, the girl runs into a group of three frighteningly ghoulish men offering her a chance to see her brother again. What lengths will the girl go to get her brother back? Who are the three ghoulish men? How are the two stories connected? I encourage you to watch and find out.


This is a small budget film by a first time director Hunter Adams with the legendary Larry Fessenden executive producing. “Dig Two Graves” is definitely something admire, it looks simply astounding at times and the story was more than compelling. That being said the direction in this movie by Adams was also very well executed, this is certainly an example of an extraordinary debut film and I cannot wait to see what else he has to offer. The performances for me is probably the standout of the film. Ted Levine of “The Silence of the Lambs” fame turns in an excellent performance as the grandfather and police officer, as well as Samantha Isler as Jake the films lead character. I also think the movie does an exceptional job in portraying the flashbacks between the two stories. The flashbacks are easy to follow, look amazing, and bring an interesting dynamic to the movie. Don’t get me wrong, the film is not perfect and has its flaws. For instance the ending of the film leaves some questions left unanswered and some more substance to be desired. Overall I really enjoyed the film, it may of lost me a little towards the end but the majority of “Dig Two Graves” is a great eerie and strange movie well worth the watch.


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