Review: 47 Meters Down

Written and directed by Johannes Robert, 47 Meters Down stars Mandy Moore and Claire Holt as two sisters on vacation in Mexico. Out partying one night they meet two guys who later offer them the opportunity to go into a cage underwater and take pictures of sharks. Seems totally safe, I mean what could go wrong. Mandy Moore is apprehensive at first, but in an effort to be more exciting she agrees to the once in a lifetime experience. The next day they find themselves on a boat in the middle of the ocean about to descend into shark infested waters. While in the water, something goes wrong with their cage and they rapidly fall to the bottom of the ocean floor. Both Mandy Moore and Claire Holt are then stuck 47 meters deep surrounded by sharks with a limited amount of oxygen.


47 Meters Down is the first shark attack movie to hit theaters since last year’s The Shallows. I was disappointed with The Shallows and unfortunately, for me 47 Meters Down also disappoints.  In my opinion, where this film really suffers is it’s characters. Mandy Moore’s character has more than questionable motivations, specifically she is trying to be less boring for her ex boyfriend that just broke up with her. I found the two main characters to be rather annoying honestly and I felt like I was supposed be rooting for these people to get out of this horrible situation but truly I just did not care for either of them. If anything as cruel as it sounds, I was rooting for them to get eaten by the sharks. I think the main reason I found the characters so irritating was their performances. I found Mandy Moore’s performance in this movie to be incredibly overblown and aggravating. There was so many tense moments is this film that were just utterly ruined by her delivery of some more than cheesy lines.


Although the characters, performances, and dialog left much to be desired, I thought the film looked absolutely gorgeous. For a movie that takes places almost entirely underwater, 47 Meters Down was at times absolutely stunning visually. Also the sharks looked astoundingly good which helped immensely with the film’s scares because it all looked so real. That being said I thought the sharks could have been used more effectively. When they are used, they are there simply for a quick jump scare and nothing more.


I was genuinely excited for this movie, I love shark attack movies and love the fact that a movie like 47 Meters Down got a wide release in theaters. But overall this movie is just unsatisfying and disappointing, especially the ending. The ending of this movie for me was the last straw, meaning this movie could’ve been redeemed by a good ending but it just doesn’t happen. This movie ends on such a lull, I can’t see anyone walking away from this film happy with what they just saw.


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